• fostering-campaign

    Fostering Campaign

    Help us generate a foster home for each of the animals we rescue. It provides: Cover running expenses such food & general care ...

    Raised: €300 Goal: €40000
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  • all-year-round-medical-expenses-sterilisation-campaign

    All-Year Round Medical...

    Help us treat/ sterilise as many strays as possible. Benefits: Less stray kittens/puppies in your area | Population control Cats will fight less|...

    Raised: €885 Goal: €80000
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  • responsible-pet-owner-awareness-campaign

    Responsible Pet Owner...

    Help us educate people in being responsible pet owners Benefits: Keep Mykonos town waste-free | Doggie bag stands and bins, designated spots ...

    Raised: €190 Goal: €15000
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